Petting Zoo Birthday Parties

Hosting a petting zoo celebration on your child's birthday presents amazing, fun enjoyment that may maintain even quite young children mesmerized.

Few get together routines are more fascinating to very small tots-and more mature children-than petting and feeding mild furry and feathered cattle, suggests Melanie Pien, proprietor of Pied Piper Pony Rides & Petting Zoo, in Carmel, New York.Get More Info here Houston Petting Zoo

"Kids get to touch and pet a variety of different animals. They love the different feels of each one," states Pien, who has run the family business for 20 years, and whose company does between 600 and 700 functions a year.

Many adults love the animals as much as kids do, Pien notes. "Some people rent specific animals for the kids and other animals for the parents."

Pien recommends that for quite younger small children, the petting zoo alone (without pony rides) is probably the best idea. More mature children will much more likely enjoy the pony rides and won't be frightened.

Other advice for parents considering a petting zoo for their kids' functions:



  • The best ages for petting zoo events: Interestingly, Pien contends, age really isn't a factor. She points out that she recently did a celebration for 18-year-olds. "Parents sometimes have petting zoo get-togethers expressly to introduce really youthful little ones to animals," she states. As a general rule, though, she advises, "Be sure your kids love animals before you decide to have such a social gathering."
  • How long: An hour is usually perfect for a group of 20 kids, states Pien. However, some party-givers choose to increase the time by a half hour or an hour.
  • What to check before hiring any company: The most important factor is current USDA certification, Pien states. Having a license indicates that inspectors have reviewed all animal health care records and have visited the farm to review the living conditions and daily routine care given to the animals.
  • Insurance is essential: Be sure that the company has full liability coverage for both pony rides and the petting zoo. In addition, many companies offer more insurance options, such as allowing customers to become additional insureds or co-insureds for the day of the celebration.
  • Party safety: Hold all food, babies' pacifiers, kids' toys, and other personal belongings away from the area in which interaction with the animals will take place, suggests Pien.

Equally important, she notes, have running water, soap, and disposable towels available for thorough hand washing immediately after small children touch the animals and before they continue with any other occasion routines. Adults should carefully supervise hand washing for all children-especially, those under age five.


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