Is Marijuana OK From A Spiritual Point Of View?



Now it is possible that you did not want to hear that short and definite answer. But this negative response isn't a vague prejudice. There are specific adverse effects that marijuana has on your aura and in your soul, and this also affects your spiritual development. You won't generally hear about these insights, since the people talking about this subject, if in favor or against, generally lack the subtle energy sensitivity to describe exactly what happens to your energy field when you place marijuana in your body.
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Of course, it's possible that you concur with these conclusions about the inadvisability of smoking this material, but it is important to clarify exactly why marijuana is a problem, since otherwise, the debate about it can get sidetracked. For instance...


Among the reasons often given for quitting bud is the argument that it is illegal, -- at least at the time of the writing -- and so it must be a bad substance. There are historical reasons for marijuana's illegality, having largely to do with the economics of berry.

As is well known, hemp is an inexpensive replacement for paper, for petroleum, and for many other products. In other words, legal hemp are an economic competition in a variety of industries. It's because of this that various large businesses want to demonize bud, so that public opinion will continue to believe that marijuana and hemp has to be kept illegal.



Yet another reason claimed by people who hold negative views about marijuana is that it is not as secure as alcohol. The spiritual troubles with alcohol can be discovered via subtle energy sensing, and you will find unfortunate similarities between alcohol and marijuana, particularly in the way they both adversely impact the aura and the soul. Regardless of the apparent differences in how people drinking and smoking behave, the fundamental issue remains the same...


Marijuana and alcohol interfere with the connection between the human body and the soul, and both substances, in their own way, produce a dissociated state that interferes with spiritual growth and well-being.


There are a variety of arguments which marijuana proponents make to support their choice, and they're all based upon beliefs that seem, at first, to be okay. However, the essential problem with marijuana is that it produces a split between the human body and the soul. This is something that may be discovered with subtle feeling, and so those who haven't developed this sensing ability will most likely entertain doubt about these assertions. I am not the sole energy-sensitive person who detects these issues, and so I will explain them as I feel them, and you can reach your own decisions.


Marijuana proponents state that smokers tend to be peaceful, compared to smokers. Though this can be observed easily enough, it still does not validate the usage of a chemical that creates an energetically fragmented condition in the aura. I observe that the fragmented aura state of marijuana smokers keeps them seemingly calm, but at a price. The fuzzy aura condition of smokers prevents them from fully feeling their feelings, and when you realize this, it shows another, and somewhat less happy explanation regarding their preferred emotional suppression procedure.


When people have thoughts or thoughts that are bothering, they are inclined to want to leave their body so that they won't have to feel their discomforts. Individuals wanting to not feel their feelings have some popular choices. They can drink alcohol, so they could eat sugar and junk foods, they could space out before the television -- that is known to cause a quasi-meditative alpha state -- or they can smoke marijuana. All of these choices produce a fragmented energy field, in which the clarity of the aura is compromised.

The alleged peacefulness of smokers is the handy excuse. They may feel more calm than they would if they were not smoking, but sadly, they are not transcending their pain in any helpful way. Their escape from psychological discomfort is temporary. This usually means that they can not really address the pain, and that leads to a problem. If you can not address something, because you don't believe it anymore, then you've got to keep pushing the refused emotions down, so that they're out of your conscious awareness.


This may explain the idea that marijuana is not physically addictive, but is emotionally addictive. After all, should you need to keep smoking so as to not feel what you don't wish to feel, then that may well be a psychological dependence.


The popular saying with marijuana smokers that smoking helps them "take the edge off" is really a euphemism that hides the emotional pain that they attempt to prevent. And to be honest, it's reasonable to acknowledge that emotional pain can be frightening, and that confronting it takes a great deal of courage and determination. However, smoking is not likely to build courage and decision.

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