Graphite and Strengthened Graphite Gaskets for top Temperature Applications


One from the greatest items to happen into the gasket and sealing market is the versatile graphite. Graphite in its many forms is now staying greatly utilized for extreme temperature and reasonable stress sealing purposes. This really is now remaining offered inside the forms this kind of as sheet, ribbon, braided and ribbon pack.

It was at one time getting applied only for large temp programs, but of late, it is getting used in reduced temperature purposes as well, since the charges have arrive down. Consequently a graphite sheet is now regarded as as cost effective significant temperature/pressure product.


Graphite gasket elements are made from pure exfoliated exhibiting exceptional sealing properties, withstanding a large range of temperatures, pressures and chemicals. The homogeneous content is freed from respirable fibers, binders and additives.

Graphite flake sheets will be able to endure significantly more aggressive chemical environments (in addition to powerful oxidizing environments) and higher pressures than typical non-asbestos gasket materials. Metallic inserted graphite can run at even better pressures.

It incorporates a special heat resistance to face up to temperature extremes from cryogenics by means of elevated concentrations. In cutting down environments, pure graphite can cope with as much as 5000 F.

These sheets are usually obtainable in thickness ranging from 1/32" to ¼" thicknesses.

Standard grades are 95% - 98% pure graphite sheet % along with a nuclear grade available at 99.5%. Graphite is amazingly conformable supplying it the chance to circulation into flange surface imperfections. It's minimal permeability and chemical resistance make it an excellent option as sealing material.

In oxidizing environments, prior to now it was not proposed to make use of graphite, nevertheless using an inorganic passivation inhibitor to enhance its oxidation and corrosion resistance, now its application variety has widened further.

In buy to work with in purposes where greater rigidity with the gasket is necessary with a significant functioning tension, bolstered graphite substance has been released, which is an additional milestone in sealing sector.

A metal bolstered gasket is often a rigid laminated gasket consisting of sentimental levels bonded to every encounter of a sound metal core by a substantial temperature/chemical resistant synthetic bonding agent.

While the stable metallic core prevents gasket blowout, it provides substantial power and rigidity: as well as the delicate facings present an exceptional seal. The tender going through materials flows quickly to the flange faces letting a substantial integrity seal, even under reduced utilized seating stresses.

Tanged steel strengthened graphite is actually a laminate sheet substance of graphite foil layers mechanically bonded into a mm (0.004") thick 316 stainless-steel tanged core. The main boosts the mechanical strength on the graphite foil. It is also available like a significant efficiency laminate includes graphite foil chemically bonded to every face of the 0.05mm (0.002") 316 stainless steel substrate.

Please notice that although flexible graphite materials can face up to temperatures as many as a thousand deg f, with more substantial dimensions from the gaskets demanded, they might not be steady and could split throughout handling & installation.

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