Presidential candidates bombarded with glitter in Epic-Sized Election Prank


This election working day are going to be a special a single. Your vote will decide one thing incredibly crucial. Which candidate will acquire essentially the most glitter bombs. has November 8th marked, and ready to ship Donald Trump three,800 glitter bombs so far, and Hillary Clinton2,two hundred glitter bombs to this point.


The prank web-site lets devious customers to anonymously deliver the mischievously bothersome glitter letter or box of faux poop to some target together with a note saying “HaHa”.


6,000 people have joined in so far to mail the Presidential candidates glitter bombs.Ahh that’s the American spirt!

“Trump talking about grabbing women by the pussy, and with Hillary’s lies, the American people want a way to express themselves, and we’re giving them an anonymous, hilarious way” a spokesperson told Impractical Joke.

Join the great Presidential glitter election and cast your vote here - Simply order a glitter letter and put in promo code: Donald or Hillary. And your glitter letter might be added to your applicant of choice to be sent on November eighth.

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