Sabrina Ho Chiu Yeng


People’s perception of Sabrina is inseparable from her family’s history, but in the age of only twenty five she reveals another side to be a job lady. She practised painting since childhood and majored in art, she use her creative expertise in organization growth, pay higher energy to advertise the development of art in Macau regarding generate a world art trade system with the city. Sabrina Ho shared with Magazine & More her work experience and plan, as well as her perspective on Macau’s art industry.

M&M: You have studied art and organization. Which one do you like more and why?

S: Both artwork and small business are my favorite subjects. I like artwork since I was a child and I chose this as my major in university. Majoring in art does not mean that I have to be a painter, I can practice art in many aspects and integrate it with my lifestyle. Company is also a sector I am interested in, so I am happy to have the opportunity to combine the two sectors. Artwork is my current profession. Furthermore, I can apply the professional organization knowledge in the real world because the two sectors are complement of each other.

M&M: Can you talk about your experience working in Poly Macau.

S: Poly Group is a professional company in artwork works auction. The first auction we held in Macau was a big success with the total trading of 245 million Hong Kong dollars, creating the record of highest average trading price of a single artwork piece in Hong Kong and Macau. When I was preparing the “The First Macao Poly Art Auction”, I went to Beijing, Shanghai ,Taiwan and other place with a group of experts to advertise the event and visited local artwork collectors to convince them to provide their collections. The purpose was to collect more and better valuable collections to the auction. During the visits, I had the opportunity to meet collectors from different places so that i can know more about the different types of collections and the markets in different places as well as their background and record. My knowledge in artwork and collection has expanded a lot.

M&M: You worked before in the renovation of Regency Hotel. What inspire you to generate this project and what were your biggest challenges?


S: There are many grand and luxurious hotels in Macau, but we have insufficient young and inventive hotels. The idea of renovating Regency Hotel was originated from art hotels in neighboring areas. In fact, artwork hotels are very popular in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, etc. It is possible to add art elements to hotel designs. Art works are not just for decoration, they are alive and coexist harmoniously with the hotel. You can say they are part of the hotel. By renovating the Regency Hotel, I wish to bring the culture of artwork hotel to Macau and start a new business enterprise model.

The biggest challenge in renovating the hotel is to preserve the original Portuguese architecture style while adding new elements, considering that the hotel was completed in the 1980s and had a background of 30 years. It is important to maintain the unique Regency style by combining the classical style and artwork elements naturally.

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