Best Libra Zodiac Necklace (Review Winner)



This is the best libra zodiac necklace that we reviewed. We reviewed each necklace from shopping experience to delivery speed, followed by price of the necklace and quality. The site which we ordered from was very easy to navigate. The site takes almost all payment methods. Processing took one day. Shipping took 3 days to the US. As for the necklace it cost $30, came in a nice little box. The look and feel of the necklace could of made the necklace sellable at a higher price so we were pleased. All in all great product.

As an Ascendant in Libra you present yourself to the world as being charming and well dressed. You like everything around you to be in harmony and stylish, which includes your home, your office, your attire and everything in between.


Another characteristic of a ascendant in Libra is their in ability to make decisions and going from one extreme to the other. You are considered to be the most congenial of all zodiac signs and relationships are very important to you. You can tend to have a people pleasing side to you, however, this can come with a double sided sword as you also have an ambitious and unsympathetic heart and can also tend to be a little selfish. How extreme these characteristics are depends on your sun sign.

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