List of What to see in Ephesus
People who travel to turkey only have just a few days to spend on each destination. There are so many things to see in Ephesus that one gets really confused what site should be visited first. It will be very helpful if you make a list first before starting your journey. It will help you to manage the time and visit all the beautiful sites and location without missing any of them. Ephesus is the place full of many historical buildings so if you have less time during the journey then here is the list of what to see in Ephesus that can be of great help for you.

  • Ancient sites of Ephesus

The city is rich in ancient and historical buildings. There are many temples, mosques and beautiful architectural models. There is also a great theatre with a sitting space for almost 25,000 people. The theatre is worth visiting and shows the culture and heritage of the ancient people. The ancient Artemis temple is also very famous. This is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You should definitely have a visit to this temple otherwise your tour to Ephesus would be incomplete. Ephesus Ruins

  • House of Virgin marry

The house of Virgin Marry is located on the hills of Bulbul Mountain. It is believed by the people that Mother Marry spent her last days in this area. the house is considered very sacred and holy for the followers of Jesus. Every year a large number of tourists come to visit this house. This house has been transformed into the shrine and is open for the visitors. It will be good idea to visit this holy place if you are wandering what to see in Ephesus.

  • The archeology museum

Another most visited site in Ephesus is the Ephesus archeology museum. It is located a few kilometers away from the Ephesus site. This museum is rich in cultural heritage and tells about the history of the country. All the exhibits in this museum were found from Ephesus and are spectacular. The most famous are the statues of Artemis which date back to the Roman time period.


  • The Sirince village

You must visit this orthodox beautiful village if you have some time left during your tour to Ephesus. This village is the best combination of two cultures: the Turkish and the Greek culture. This village was called ugly by the Turks to keep the foreigners away so that they cannot ruin the beauty of the nature in the village. This village is situated on the hill and you can have a view to the lush green wine yards and the cluster of the peach trees. You can also have a chat with the locals as they are very friendly and interesting people. It will be really a great experience for you to have a tour to this wonderful village. This site should be on the top of your lists containing the ideas of what to see in Ephesus.

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