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Several moons ago I try to remember going to a pal who was recovering from heart surgery. He was fairly bitter about his hospital bills.

I try to remember one particular thing he said to me:

"Doctors will cut a hole by way of your pocket... simply to get to your wallet."

It is correct - let's fact it. Western medicine is high priced...

And if you have ever had the misfortune of ending up inside a hospital - or suffer from a critical illness, you'll know exactly what I imply.

For those who can not wait to read until the finish - that is the less costly and improved resolution to western medicine:

Between cut throat insurance businesses and heartless government bureaucracies there's only a single outcome... YOU wind up losing out.

Now do not get me incorrect, Medical doctors play an vital part in society, in particular with regards to accidents, trauma or the sudden onset of physical challenges, and also you should generally seek the advice of your medical professional in case you have a problem - that may be, whenever it really is feasible or reasonably priced to seek the advice of your medical doctor...

But let's be sincere...

It ain't usually attainable - AND, many mainstream medicine is actually Bad For the Well being.

One example is, guess what the #1 side effect of antidepressants is...


There are many drugs with critical side effects and you will find also Numerous surgeons that are happy to cut away at the body whether or not it is absolutely vital or not.

But the old timers knew greater...

They knew that the most beneficial approach to protect against disease - simply because prevention is often much better - was to go to the Supply of your illness.

To complete this, they created healing arts for example yoga, meditation and acupuncture.

However the most strong of these healing arts is Reiki.

Reiki operates with all the all-natural, hidden power grids with the body to stop illness OR to treat disease when you currently have it.

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