Install Android Tv Box and get a vast assortment of features The Android TV box is one of the most favorite media players for people who have a knacl for electronic gadgets.It can also download a variety of add ons and the software will transform your home ito a home theatre.You can also get access to various videos, multiple games and music features, as well as your favorite soaps.

A new era of entertainment Android has definitely given a new edge to progress with the advent of so many electronioc gadgets like TV, fridge, microwave oven, Air conditioners and a vast array of electronic gadgets.The new add on to the Android range of products is the Android TV Box that has a variety of features along with an array of products that are suited for the customer.It is a great way to enjoy and experience the Android experience on television screens.An Android TV box runs with the help of the 4.0 Android operating system and can deliver all qualities that an Android phone can deliver.All that is needed to statrt up the Google TV Box is a HMI compatible TV with a good superfast internet connection.It is a high performance device with Cortex 9 harmonizing with Mali-450 GPU altering the device into an exceptional stream player.

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Advantages and features of a TV Box There are various features of a TV Box Android.You can watch a wide variety of movies along with your favorite serials, video clips, pictures and a variety of other things. You can also download a variety of applications and games from the Google play store and play them on your TV.The Android TV Box is small and compact and can be set beside your TV without any kind of disturbance or attractions.It is apprehended that with the advent of the Android TV Box, the local cable operators would slowly lose grounds.

The internet at your fingertips Get the internet at your finger tips with the help of Android Tv Box. Watch a host of websites like You tube, face book and hotstar on the TV.Play a variey of classic games on the Android TV Box as well.Android TV Box provides no extra subscription charges for watching your favrote channels.It is basically a smart phone which can now also be showcased in TV.

Setting up the Android TV Box The Android TV Box can be easily set up with the help of a powered device and a plug point.You need to plug in the device to the TV with the HDMI port and it is all ready to be started.The devices also run a powerful new edition of the Android OS.This TV can be used as a smart phone device as well with an assortment of features. The different features and capabilities of the device These are a variety of capabilities of this device.Movies, streaming media player, pictures, videos as well as a number of things can be downloaded with the help of the device.This can be transferred from the computer to another device via the USB or the blue tooth service.There is good storage space as well.Though an Android TV Box is not as strong as a high end smart phone or a tablet, they are definitely capable of running a variety of applications at a single point of time and it is slowly updating itsekf towards progress of the same.